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Florida Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Exemptions

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Florida Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Exemptions

Exemptions outline the property which is fully protected from sale during
your case, and Florida has some of the strongest home protections in the

The following information provides a simple introduction to Florida Chapter 7 exemptions.
For more in-depth information and advice, get in touch with a Florida Chapter 7
bankruptcy lawyer.

As your Florida Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer can explain to you in more
detail, important Chapter 7 bankruptcy exemptions in the state include:


  • If located outside a municipality: 160 acres of land and improvements.
  • If located inside a municipality: .5 acre of land and improvements.
  • 100 percent exemption for leased dwelling place, including mobile homes.

Wages: All disposable earnings of a head-of-family earning
less than $750 per week are exempt. Disposable earnings above $750 per week may
only be garnished if you agree to such in writing. Garnishment for any family
member may not exceed standards set by Consumer Credit Protection Act.

Vehicles: $1,000 for one vehicle.

Personal Property:

  • $1,000 for all personal property.
  • Any hearing aids.
  • You may receive an additional $4,000 exemption if you do not receive the
    benefit of the homestead exemption.